Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Worth the Weight Wk 3

Here are the week 3 standings in the competition.

It looks like Jenn is running away, pun intended! with it. However things are hotting up for the remaining podium slots with jkrunning and Lily on the Road, battling it out for second. In like a bullet is Run for Life giving Scott a run for his money. Then there is real bunch of two percenters with six people spread over less than one percent (is it me or does this sound like milk commercial?).

Personally, after last weeks race, I am ramping up, dusting off my bike and trainer and digging out my road shoes, Base building is nobody’s favorite pastime but it needs to be done; I have another 220 running and 360 cycling miles to cover before hills and intervals training kicks in over the next 7 weeks. The good news is that while my mileage increase so does my caloric burn. So I hope to be moving up those rankings.

This weekend I have a scheduled 50 mile bike ride with Jes from TRC who is training for a triathalon so that's going to help.

So with just under two weeks to go and Labor Day just around the corner it looks like it’s going to be about resisting temptation, staying on the straight and narrow and hoping we all end up skimmed!


  1. Dang it, Ms. Marcy is pulling away from me. Awww...she has a wedding this weekend. Have fun darling!!

  2. Great job board leaders :-)

  3. Marcy you better watch out. You got me by .07 this week but I have started the WOE like the rest of the buds in my office and they are dropping lbs like crazy.
    For real... Congrats to everyone for the great numbers!

  4. It's OK Lisa, I'll just drink all the booze and not eat :P HAHAHAHHAA (I'm serious, this what normally happens for me. I drink so much that I'm not interested in the food :-X ) PLUS I get the added bonus of possible hangover/hugging the bowl factor. That's good for 2 lbs, right? Probably not the healthiest way though . . . HAHAHA

  5. hahahah, I should have posted my weight after my mock tri, now that was a weight loss!

    eehhhummm, Marcy, looks like the gang are coming after you....LOL...

  6. Man, I worked so hard for that one pound, but look at everyone go!

  7. Wha. What. Second place. Wha What Second place. Holy sheeze, I should put down the doritos now & give Marcy a run for her money.

  8. Holy Cow... isn't Jenn supposed to be packing and moving. looks like she is working out 24/7!!

    That is it... beer deit for this girl until the end of the contest. cheers!!

    LOL!!! you know I am kidding...kindof..

  9. I just did a ton of number crunching and found that if I got to Jenn's weight loss percentage, I'd be at my lowest weight in several years! Now the question is if I can lose that much with only two weeks to go. I'm sure going to try!

    Great job everyone - the competition is definitely getting inspiring the closer we get to the end.


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