Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Farewell my sweet!

So with great fanfare, pomp and circumstance the competition begins…what the Olympics you say? No say I the Worth the Weight competition. In the opening salvo, Robin from Gotta Run (there are two Gotta Run blogs) traded blows albeit with some gentle smack talk with Marcy. I have to say that I was impressed by the reserved nature of it all but like the long run it’s all about pacing.

I am going to come up with a special Smack Down prize not previously listed for the wittiest, smartest comment or retort made in the comments section, so let the creative juices start flowing.

The line up is now complete and entry is now closed, there were a couple or three late entries who squeezed in and so now the complete line up is:

Christie, Gotta Run, javamom, Jenn, Jes, Jess, jkrunning, Kevin, Laura, Lily on the Road, Luis, Maddy, Marcy, mcmmama, Mendy, Ms. V, Nick, Non Runner Nancy, Run for Life, Sara, Scott, Second Chances, swimfan13, Viv, Wendy and moi! I still need a starting weight from Mendy.

In my attempt to reach my stated goal of between 160-165, which alas is only around 8%, I finished up my supply of ice lollies and managed to avoid the frozen section while grocery shopping last weekend. So here's my start line, I should point out this this is post trail run, my feet are usually quite clean. Extra points if you can figure out which toe I broke and can you see why black toe is never an issue!

I other news I registered for the Bulldog race on the 23rd, I squeezed in a mail entry at the cheaper rate and avoided the fees, I am only running the 25k but expect it to be a long hot morning! Tonight I am off to see Eddie Izzard live, he’s an acquired taste but I’ll leave you with this tidbit and remember step away from the cookies!


  1. Oh! Where is Eddie appearing tonight?

    You got my start weight, right? Let me know if I need to re-email it.


  2. Right foot. Second-in-command-toe. That's the one that was broken, right? It looks a little, I don't know, buldgy in the middle.

  3. OMG Eddie Izzard is my favorite! Saw him in Vegas in November!!!

    Um, your toes.


    Thanks for the competition.

  4. Me thinks the second toe on your right foot was the broken one...

    Bring it on Worth the Weight competitors! As Java would's on like Donkey Kong!

  5. I can't talk to smack yet because I'm not off to a hot start. BAH!

    But there is NO WAY that Java is going to beat me. No way! Are you reading this Java! If I have to, I'll mail that B some Oreo cookies :P

  6. special prizes for smack talking??? Has Marcy seen this yet??

  7. good luck! now that you're trying i bet you could drop the weight in a week!!!!

  8. Good luck and yes, please step away from the cookies!!

    I love Eddie Izzard, hadn't seen nor heard of him in AGES, still love his boots! LOL...hope you enjoyed the show.

  9. I see we have the same issues, toe wise. The issue where the second toe (at least on your right foot) is longer than the big toe. This being the sole reason I could never wear pointy shoes.

  10. Its obviously the second toe on the right. I am thinking either proximal or middle phalanx (Former X-ray tech)

    Bring the challenge on. My goal is to lose 8-10% this month. I am back on da plan and my training is peaking this month for my 70.3 at the end of next month. BRING IT!

    So are youre toenails naturlaly that short, or do you cut them that low? Its funny, I was reading somewhere about certain ultra racers who have their toenails surgically removed. OUCH!

  11. i don't know which toe you broke, but i was amazed that there were no black toenails! can see why - shortshortshort!

    hope the concert was fun ... nothing like a summer concert - we saw dave matthews last weekend.

  12. Wow, call me dumb, but I didn't realize that having long toenails was what cuased them to go black! Mine aren't quite super-short, but I make a special point of trimming them before running, so maybe that's why I haven't gotten a black toenail yet (knock on wood).

    I also vote second toe right foot.

  13. Please give a warning if a photo of your feet will appear in a future post. No offense intended.

    BTW, you were the only one who mentioned I was nearly being strollered. I expected more comments about that.

  14. Marcy is GOING down to gangsta town. I can't beat her skinny arse at anything but weight loss so BRING.IT. girlie.

    Was that good?

  15. BTW Marcy is going on vacation this weekend. Vacation=boozin=big calories.


  16. DO I get a prize if I guess the toe you broke?? My goodness!!!

    Must get back to running now...need to burn more calories. Running 24/7 until the contest os over. :)


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