Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A change in scenery!

You have probably read some of my reviews on products kindly supplied by the Wilderness Running Company. Well now I get to go and run with them, they have put together a great weekend of trail running in November in the Zion National Park that they are calling Pure Zion. I must confess that this post has been delayed and now all 16 slots are full, (sorry guys my bad), spaces were limited due to Park Service rules, there is a waiting list if you want to add your name email Stacy at, there will be more events and next time I’ll be a bit quicker off the mark for you guys. Also WRC is having a summer blowout, check it out there's a whole bunch of stuff on sale, I picked a great pair of Salomon Shorts and a Salomon Top; reviews to follow, use QUAD10 at the checkout to get another 10% off.

In the meantime check out some of the photos of the area!

Big valley views

Bigger valley views

Looks brutal, right!

Talking of photo’s here’s where I am heading in 9 days (must control freak out), the scenery looks awesome and is very different from what I am used to, things like trees don’t really exist round here as such, well Palm trees but they don’t count! These are from the first half of the course.

Big views of Mt Hood

Look trees, shade!

Bigfoot was here!

The taper is going wellish, my cold is going away, I am mostly hitting the targets I set and forcing myself to go to bed at a reasonable time, work is crazy insane busy and pretty stressful but that’s what pays the entry fees, right!

Oh and if anyone has any unopened Cytomax Pink Lemonade going spare please please let me know, it has become rarer than Rocking Horse poop!


  1. I love Zion and try to get there regularly. I appreciate the river walk especially.

    I hope you enjoy yourself!

  2. Glad the cold is going away and the taper is going well.

    As always, incredible pics. Just really great!

  3. Glad you're going to Utah! It looks like a blast. Run a few extra miles for me - after your 100, it should be easy :)

  4. Stuart, how wonderful, I do not know anyone more deserving!!! Can hardly wait to read (and see the photo's) all about it!!


  5. Wow that place looks really beautiful, but def. hardcore for me and my road racing tendencies :) Can't wait for OR!!!!

  6. Sweet! I'll see you in Zion, dude!

  7. Oh my gosh! Those pictures are breathtaking. Just breathtaking! Have fun!

  8. You're gonna love Hood. I skiied in the area all the time when growing up, as part of ski racing team that travelled.

  9. I'm not a trail runner (yet), but I have to admit than seeing the places you'll be running in makes me incredibly jealous.

  10. Ahhhhh LUCKYYYYYYYY!!!

    Have a great time!

  11. That's going to be pretty awesome... and NO freakin out!!

  12. forget about food on the table for the family... entry fees is what IT IS ALL!!

    Watch out for Big Foot... now that one was funny.


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