Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There's life in the old dog yet...

Last night's eight miler; Mile 3 is a really slow set of traffic lights, otherwise it would have been sub 60 minutes!

Not bad considering my last speedwork was in March and it was dark!

Of course out of the blue I have caught a stinking cold and feel like a sick old dog!

Sometimes it's the best of intentions that go punished, right!


  1. Damn cold! I hope it leaves as quickly as it arrived. ;)

  2. Nice job getting it done even with a cold!

  3. if you are an old dog with that pace, hmmmmmm :-)

  4. not feeling well sucks when all you want to do is run :))

    Sweet pace even with the lights.

  5. You're stronger and faster now than I ever will be :)

  6. Very nice...looks like you negative splitted it too!


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