Saturday, September 19, 2009

Station Fire; footage

The Station fire is almost contained, as it stands today it's at 93% containment, full containment is expected Tuesday, recent cooler temperatures have helped. Over 160,000 acres (250 square miles) have burned and the cost is approaching $100,000,000, two figefighters died and nearly 100 homes burned down. The arson investigation is ongoing. With fall and winter around the corner the concern will turn to landslides caused by rains and the lack of trees and vegetation to hold the hillsides together, this combined with the fire means that the landscape will never be the same.

There have been some amazing timelapse videos taken here's one of the better ones (apart from the music), it's HD so click to expand the picture you won't loose any quality.

Oh an just a qualifier on the last post; 'The List', I am not doing all of them, it's a list to choose races from. But thanks for your confidence in my abilities!


  1. what.. I was already getting excited about all of the race reports to come :)

    Hard to even process all that the fires have destroyed. Very sad!


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