Thursday, September 17, 2009

The List...

Usually between Christmas and the New Year my wife and I sit down and make a list for the next year.

Life has taught us that if you don’t have a list, you very rarely actually get things done, well that’s not quite true, you get stuff done but it’s never the important stuff like; get job, move house, have baby, yes that last one has been on our list twice; our sons were born in September and October…we’re efficient like that!

So I am trying to get a little ahead of the curve and have started my list early, as you can see some trails, some roads, some biking, mostly long although there will be some shorter stuff as well. In some ways it’s too much and in others it’s not complete, it’s just a list.


  1. Have been missing you on Twitter. Jumped over here to read your list. Lists scare me, take too long to maintain, for me anyway. Just wanted to say Hi, I enjoy your tweets and posts to your blog

  2. I posted my list in July here:

    It is only up through April 2010, which is the end of the spring race season and time to start the 2010 Triathlon season. I haven't decided yet what tris I want to try in 2010. Will probably get to that around Dec. or Jan. I suppose...

    I see you and I are both planning on Ragnar and L.A. Marathon. I am only doing the half at Surf City. Fun!

  3. I'm not a runner but I've heard once that you shouldn't do more then two marathons a year because it's too hard on your body? I'm not sure if that's true but if it is then how many years does your list cover?

  4. You just have to have ListPro - I couldn't live without it now.

  5. On my list:
    1) Move to California
    2) Run all the races I could possibly want 'cause there are a billion of them.
    3) Start making I can get stuff done.

  6. Dang dude, that's a heck of a list. I think you need a 5K race on there...just one.

  7. List? I don't need no stinkin list. That's like saying I need a manual or something :-)

  8. Move back to Cali
    Pack bags to move to Cali
    Find place to move to Cali
    Move to California
    Move to Cali
    Move Move Move

    Yup that's my list. :)

  9. mine will have more to do with tri's than running only events. and if it counts, i want to take my son on a trip to Disney... but shhh, don't tell him, it's a secret ;)

  10. I'm a fly-by-seat sort of girl, so my plans are usually decided at the last minute.

  11. Excellent list -- I love the epic bike rides worked in. Looks like some great road marathons on the west coast to mix in with the big trail events. I'll have a similar list, but the Switzerland version, so it will include some uphill ski races in place of the road marathons and will have lots more German, French, & Italian of course. Otherwise pretty darn similar - especially the bike events!

    Thanks for indirectly motivating me to get started on my 2010 list & all the best to you with yours! It's always fun to follow along and see where this early planning is spot-on, where deviations and interesting side journeys pop up, etc. Cheers.

  12. that is quite the list! busy runnings next year :) i'm good at making lists... not so good at crossing things off.

  13. wow, Stuart, that's quite a list! :) might need to copy some of yours. mine's pretty short right now: LA Marathon, Boston Marathon, JFK 50 miler, Northern Central Trail Marathon. i think that's a decent start :)

  14. Hey; Someone pointed out to me that your link to the Bulldog 50K directs to the wrong website. The website for the Bulldog 50K is Any chance you would make the correct link?

    Happy trails,

    Nancy Shura Dervin
    Bulldog 50K RD


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