Monday, September 7, 2009

Taper plan...

So this is the plan, yeah that's swimming you see, I managed to throw down some laps at today's visit to the pool with the family. I am not a big swimmer it's the one thing that makes me hesitate about a doing a triathlon, something to think about another day.

The focus is on movement and stretching keeping things rolling along and in check, I'll throw a visit to my chiropractor in there as well and maybe a massage as well nearer the time

Also, being looked at are diet and sleep. My diet is pretty good on the whole but my sleeping habits are poor at the best of times so I am aiming to get at least 7 hours sleep a night increasing that as race day nears.

In other news unfortunately my crew and pacers; Sara, Rachel and Billy are unable to make the visit and I totally understand. However I am just blown away by the offers of help; crewing, pacing etc that I have received, it's a privilege to be part of this community!


  1. Good luck with your taper!

  2. Should not surprise you that so many have offered to crew.... WE ALL LOVE YOU :)))

    As for sleep, I am aiming and getting on avg. 8-9 hours most nights. It is a dream! Eat you heart

  3. I am not a big swimmer it's the one thing that makes me hesitate about a doing a triathlon

    You and about 90% of the other triathletes out there :-)

    Glad everything is coming together for you!!

  4. You know if I had a way out there, I'd be crewing for you.

    Looks like a great Taper plan.

  5. yuck, taper time. boring! ;) good luck with the plan!

  6. Yeah, the sleep thing is tough. It's where I fall short, too.

    Good luck with the taper!

  7. I'll pace you in a heart beat in oregon!!!

    I had the exact fear of swimming-then I started going to my community pool-started off slowly and BAM I'm now a big fan of swimming and I think it's really helped my running(don't laugh-I know I don't do the distances all of you ultra runners do, but I bet you'd be impressed to see that I actually run after my psycho work week!!)

    Anytime you need a pacer etc...let me know. I'd be a newbie...but boy would I be bubbly and enthusiastic!!

  8. Whew, this is a taper plan! It looks like an awful lot of work to me. Good luck with ther REALLY long run ahead! (really unbelievable from my point of view)
    Are you still OK to host RRT Open Mike on 23rd Sept?


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