Saturday, September 5, 2009

Station Fire Update

The Station Fire continues to march on, as of this evening it is 49% contained and it has consumed 156,000 acres. 4800 firefighters are assigned to it and over 200 building have been damaged or destroyed.

There are many images that are available on the web but the following is of specific interest, it’s a mash-up on Google Earth of the fire’s perimeter and the AC100 course, you can see the second half of the route is significantly impacted, however this pales when compared to the impact on Mt Disappointment which, with a the exception of the absolute summit of Mount Wilson, has fallen completely within the perimeter, (see point A, B and Josephine Summit as the basic line of the race in the map) only time will tell what impact that has on the race but based on the Santa Barbara fires of last year and the Malibu Canyon fire of 2007 it will take at least two years before it can sustain a large amount of foot traffic.

The course is marked with map pins, the fire is the circle on the left, click to enlarge

With the exception of a hire car I am all booked in for 100 in the Hood; 3 weeks to go.


  1. I am so angry at the person who set this fire!!!!

    But I am happy that you have found a race that you can run!! I hope you have a wonderful time in Oregon! I LOVE Oregon!!

  2. It's pretty incredible the sheer size of the fire - and GE really helps to put it in perspective.


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