Monday, June 28, 2010

Bottom up…

So right about now I am about halfway through week 4 of what I am calling pre-base, it lasts 8 weeks, you can see the plan here. I am firmly trying to stay Zone 2 which for me is 139-148bpm, this equates to around a 9ish minute mile, but the truth is I am not even paying attention to the pace. Now trying to stay in Zone 2 actually resulted in trying to stay under Zone 2, I set the alert on my 305 to chime when I go over and that has proven to be very effective.

This morning’s run really reinforced this “not going over” and when I looked at the data I saw that the percentage of time spent in Zone 1 (83.5%) was by far greater than Zone 2 (16.5%). Hmm as comfortable as it is cruising along in my recovery Zone it’s not the point, so now I need to shear up the bottom limit and have set the alert for that too.


Now moving forward I am sure I’ll be hearing a few more beeps but it also means is that my base is being laid down and dialed in one mile at a time.

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  1. Very impressive base building! I really need to explore my Garmin's full functionality a bit more. They really have a lot to offer- if I'd only take the time to learn how to use them!


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