Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week end and weekend shenanigans!

Well another weekend is almost in the bag and I started Week 3 of training yesterday. I seem to have screwed up Week 2 and not put in enough mileage, I was about 4 miles short but the miles I did put in were pretty solid and it’s a 20+ week program so I am not losing any sleep over it (see below)! Seven days of training is not something I am used to even at the reduced volumes and I am sitting here with tired legs…it’s been a long time since I have has that feeling and it feels pretty good! Here’s the SportTracks summary for the week, some data is missing, there’s no HR info for the elliptical or swimming.


As you can see there is lots of Zone 2 work; 43% of the week in Z2 and 39% in Z1, this means lot’s of slow controlled miles, so controlled that I walking during runs in places where I would typically run through, it’s insanely frustrating but I know that it will pay off in the long run…pun intended.

This weekend I hit my local trails, but ran out of time, the downside of the walking! 8 was on schedule, I made just over 6 in 1:22, that’s a 13:12 minute mile. I am going to need to factor in more time rather than more miles. Here’s the elevation overlaid on my HR, can you see the walk breaks!

image Still the question is, was the juice worth the squeeze…well I think so, this trail system is not huge, but it’s literally 2 miles from my house! Hard to believe that I live in LA right!

P1020847I also wrapped up the photos for the Salomon XT Wings hydration vest, review to follow shortly. It’s a bit of an odd fellow…but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Talking of pack reviews the folks at Wilderness Running Company have really stepped up; I received three hydration systems this week from them!

Today I hit the pool again, I am alternating Sunday’s cross training between the bike and the pool and I swam my fastest mile ever 52:49, yeah I know…but I’ll take it! I have some new goggles, these things totally rock, I put them on and I take them off an hour later, zero leakage…awesome!

imageI’ve felt for the last couple of days that I am coming down with something but I am doing my best to shake it off. Getting 40 hours of sleep Mon – Fri last week was nigh on impossible, especially when you’re up at 5am! But I did get more than I usually do and I do feel better for it, better mentally too, a bit more chilled! I kept a log of sorts and averaged just under 7 hours per night, so this week I am going to try it again and see.

As mentioned I am bracketing out the hydration options and here they are, it’s all subjective but it makes it a bit more interesting, I need two more to fill out the brackets (I decided to leave out Clip2 as it is specifically for 6 hour + events). if you have any suggestions let me know…I am never ashamed to beg for samples and so I present the competitors. There will be an accompanying Google Doc which outlines the criteria for evaluation as well as the nutritional info etc, I am just finishing that off.

So it’s another week and much like the mercury is heading of late …upwards and onward as they say!


  1. At the end of the weeks it only counts that you've done the time! ;-)

    You are right, judging by your photos one would never guess that that's LA. I thought of you during the Tour of California by the way. Did you get to watch the stage that was (almost) going pass your house?

  2. Hi Stuart,

    I'm partial to Accelerade, although as they say, it's an acquired taste.

    My problem with all sports drinks is that I run ultras with a bladder and I'm scared of using sport drinks in them, so it's usually water and gels for me.

  3. you could add in Accelerade and Infinit (as always, my favorite). There's a local (LA) product called Prolong you could try as well.

  4. If you're up for an early Saturday run, there is some nice trails off of Rancho Conejo, east of Wildwood. I can usually get in a loop for 6 to 10 miles, let me know.

  5. Those trails look beautiful!

  6. Prolong is great! My friend who is the head of the Dart-nuun-Sportmulti adventure racing team suggest it to me after my first 100 mile mountain bike race. I used it on my second one and the results were much better.
    I add a nuun tab to it to help with the taste, since it's sort of plain without it and it really works. You can get it at:

    Tell them I sent you. (no I don't work there)


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