Friday, June 18, 2010

Foot and Mouth!

As mentioned in a previous post I am pulling together a bunch of alternatives for Summer hydration, I have got a pretty good mixture to go through, in fact I have already started, there’s quite a few of them. With the World Cup in flight it seemed appropriate (and a bit of fun) to set them out in brackets and let them fight it out among themselves. So in no particular order I present your (well mine) menu:

  • Cytomax
  • Succeed; Ultra and Clip2
  • Hammer; Heed
  • Nuun
  • Vespa
  • Hornet Juice
  • Amino Vital Endurance
  • CarboRocket
  • Gu Brew
  • Motor Tabs
  • Vitalyte
  • Zipfit – not in photo
  • Cliff – not in photo
  • Gatorade – G1,2,3 – not in photo

    Phew…need more links! Anyway I am sure there are few that you have never heard of and some firm favorites.

  • P1020811

    Of course it’s going to be a bit subjective particularly when it comes to taste, but I’ll also be looking at the component ingredients, carbs, protein etc and electrolyte content and of course overall effectiveness, I’ll be posting up the reviews as they go and will capture all the technical data in a Google doc so everyone can look at it.

    XTWings2 At the other end of the spectrum, well at the other end of my body, my feet, I am half way through a review on the new Salomon XT Wings 2. I was the glad recipient of a pair provided by OutsideMedia.

    Introduced earlier this year, Salomon have refined the ever popular original XT Wings that have been around for 2-3 years, it actually makes a change for a shoe have such a long time between facelifts, I am not sure if this is testament to the popularity of the shoe or it in general trail shoes are not turned around so quickly as their roady cousins.

    I have been slowly accumulating the miles on these on the local trails, yes that’s me in the photo, and with 50 or so miles on these puppies it’s time to share my initial thoughts, will they live up to their older sibling’s performance…well watch this space to find out.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. I've tried 8 of those hydration products, though not for the purposes of reviewing them. Mostly, just because it's what was available. I'm curious to find out your outcomes.. are you starting a blog pool for the tourney?

    2. I am still wearing the XT-Wings (in the summer months). At work yesterday, we JUST got in the NEW XA Comp "5". It's bright red! ;)

    3. looking forward to see what you think of all those products! I am starting to branch out and try new things since what I have been using doesn't cut it anymore.

    4. How roomy is the toe box on the XT's?

    5. I'll be waiting for your electrolyte review with baited breath. I use Endurolytes, but I'm looking for something with a little more sodium to deal with muscle cramping.

    6. I definitely consider myself a nutrition junkie and there are a few products in that pile that I've heard of but haven't tried yet (notably Vespa and Hornet Juice). Interested to see what you think.
      And then at some point you should try my favorite, Infinit.


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