Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Running with buffaloes!

No sorry this is not a post about the University of Colorado cross-country team, the Buffaloes, this is a post on how you can run with the buffaloes, well maybe see the buffaloes while running! Back in February I posted my race report about the Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10k you can read that here. I was contacted by the race organizers to see if I would like to have an entry and better still give an entry away to the Catalina Island Eco Marathon…and of course yes please was the reply! I had always fancied this race but never really got round to it, it requires a boat trip and hotel stay the night before.

The race is young; 2007 was it’s augural year but has had some great coverage and well know runners race it. Dean Karnazes ran it and had this to say “a truly stunning marathon course set amongst the hills and valleys of this beautiful island.  It was a memorable experience for all of us who ran the inaugural race, and as tough as it was, I saw nothing but smiles”.

And here’s a few photos…see buffaloes! There’s an explanation as to why their there here!


5eco-marathon-spectator 11Mile18

Now before you leap in I’ll show you this picture and this is also why I am posting this 6 months in advance…training time; race day is November 13th, this is the elevation profile:


Just so you know what you’re letting your self in for!

Here’s a couple of teasers videos short one and long one, check out the landscapes and in case you’re wondering it’s 22 miles on trails!

So here’s all you have to do

  1. Join the Facebook group here – that’s one entry
  2. Follow them on Twitter – that’s another entry
  3. Leave a blog comment saying you’ve done those two– that’s another entry

Now for bonus entries  Tweet this once day for the contest duration “I just entered the @quadrathon contest for a free race entry to the Catalina Eco Marathon http://bit.ly/9j62mj

That’s 17 possible entries (1 FB+ 1 blog comment+ 1 Twitter follow + 14 tweets)

The final hurdle is this you need to donate $10 to the Catalina Conservancy to enter, cheeky; yes, good cause; hell yeah! I am not going  to check and I’ll use the honor system.

The contest will run for two weeks starting today finishing on the 14th, when I will draw a winner and a second and third place…just in case. The winner will receive one free entry, you’ll have to make your own way there and sort out you own accommodation etc and in case you’re worried I promise that there’s no obligation to run with me!

Finally a big thank you to Amanda at Spectrum Sports Management for the two entries, check out their other races including the Avalon 50, Disneyland Half and Trek Women’s Tri series here!


  1. I love all the outdoor activities and the Marathon! on Catalina Island, so much to see and do!

  2. Sorry, but that doesn't meet my criteria of ALL DOWN HILL!


  3. OMG-why am I reading this? I really should attempt to run this...what is the cutoff? wait, I'll check. I will follow them on twitter and facebook and I love to donate to good causes-so thats not a biggy for me.....but the big question-could I do this? I have registered for the MCM on October 31st....yikes-what am I thinking?????

  4. holy crap that looks like a tough yet beautiful marathon! Love the buffalo :)

  5. Good Luck and I'll see the winner in Nov!

  6. OH- and you don't have to stay in a hotel the night before the race....there is a morning boat that about half the runners take, to save money.

  7. Gah! thanks for the visual reminder of what i already got myself into...will you carry me the first 2 miles? :)

  8. I love Catalina Island! While I have run 5k, 8k, 5-mile, 10k, 10-mile, half-marathon, 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k, and even several 50ks I have not yet run a full marathon. I am now a follower of Spectrum Sports Management on both Twitter and Facebook.

  9. i think i'm the only chicken in the group here. :)

    those first 2 miles look so nice... please don't pick me!

  10. I REALLY want to win this entry. I became a fan on Facebook and posted on Twitter.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  11. I twittered, I face-booked, I am so stoked to run this race and to get a free entry would be unbelievable. Thanks for the contest and cool blog too!

  12. I've liked and followed now when do you announce that I've won?

  13. Thanks for the invite to this marathon, alas it is just complicated for me to participate, not even considering I am running a 50k two weeks prior. Good luck to entrants, and I'll just have to look forward to the race report.

  14. Oh...btw, I donated to the Catalina Conservancy.


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