Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not quite a four hour lunch break…

…more like a two hour breakfast!

So here’s the deal, every other month at work we have a big product release, this is software code and so we start to roll this out in the middle of the night and into the next morning, I'll spare you all the details but this means that the next day is a late start, late as in lunchtime. I stay at a local hotel, a 70 mile drive at that time of the night after a 19 hour day is the last thing I want. So with that in mind having gone to bed around 3:00am by 9:30am I was up and by 9:50am at the Canyon Park trail head…c’mon you know you would too!

I actually missed the trail that I wanted and so I followed the waterfall trail, the problem was that after just under a mile it ended; albeit a very pretty ending!

P1020779  Monrovia Falls,  hard to tell but these are about 30’ tall

So I ran back to the start and ran up again…it was a great, a few streams crossings and a bit technical in parts with some really nice views:

P1020755 When I got to the top I turned around and did it all again, and again A total of three times, I am pretty sure that the people I saw on the trail thought I was mad, in fact I know it because a very nice couple said so after I had seen them for the fifth time!

P1020764 Anyway after just under 5 miles I was done, training day #5 in the bag and I managed to average in Zone 3! Here’s the SportTracks profile, the rest of the photos and a video of a downward leg, enjoy...I did!

image I love that only 4’ was flat


  1. That looks like an awesome place to run!

  2. What a great trail, I envy you! That waterfall picture is impossible to figure out though.

  3. You are so fortunate to have such breathtaking trails...... Wow!

  4. "mad" and taking your anger out on the trail? too funny if that's what they were thinking. looks intense. you california people never cease to amaze me. definitely makes me HTFU when i start to think about my "hills" over here. i think to myself "but (all my blog friends) elevation charts are way more hardcore, suck it up lindsay!"

    got your package today - THANKS! :)

  5. um yeah, best use of comp time ever!!!


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