Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of the experiment…

Back in June I installed a plug in called Intense Debate, it was designed to make the comments more interactive and more connective. I really liked that premise and the fact that I was getting bombarded by spam comments such as:


I immediately noticed a drop in comments and that never really picked up . Now I am the first to admit I am a comments whore…and of course that reduction is most likely directly correlated to my status as a bad commenter, I have actually been reading and commenting when I get a chance which is usually around 5:30am! 12:00pm or 11:00pm! So a big thank you to all who persevered and I am trying to catch up on my Reader.

Anyway times have moved on and Google has now implemented a Spam filter which catches all the Spam and the occasional proper comment, there are a couple of other security measures added like Capcha and the like. The above combined with the somewhat confusing registration process of ID I have decided to remove it.

Alas all the comment left in the last 5 months have been removed too :-(

Normal service has been resumed.


  1. I tried to like Intense Debate also - there were just too many hoops to jump.

  2. It takes away your old comments?! Boo!
    Here's to hopefully more and spam-free comments!

  3. all that hard work, gone? UNBELIEVABLE! I doth protest :-)

  4. aw boo that it took all the ID comments away! ID is harder to use on the iphone (or at least for me) but hey i still came by to visit!

  5. Hmm. Spam comment filtering. Guess I'll need to look into that. I don't get hit vry often, but I got one last week, so I'm sure the flood is about to begin.

  6. So The hundreds of witty, insightful and inspiring comments I've made over the past few months are just...gone? Such a shame ...


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