Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time to accessorize…

My new bike is tempting and taunting me, it sits by the front door, boxed and sullen. I can hear it’s siren calls luring me to open the box, lube it and ride it but alas I have to stay focused, well as focused as I can…I am running a marathon in a week!

So I am easing the temptation with some new accessories for it…


Serfas CC-200 Cirque SL Carbon Fiber water bottle cages.

I have two of these. The features include:

Black Carbon outside and Silver Carbon inside

Special rubber grommet secures water bottle

New shape to support all water bottles

Super light weight 18 grams each! 

And I got two R&A bottles to add some of the NYC ‘tude!


Speedplay Zero pedals, I have been riding in X5s for years and now it’s time to step it up a little, these are the Stainless Steel versions, the Titaniums are rated to 180lbs and although I am below that for the 21g saving it’s too close to call. These weigh in a svelte 103g each.

Also I was able to blow all those points saved at Performance Bike and a Gift Card and  a coupon code (“735” for 15% off) got free shipping and in total they cost me  just under $40 all in, a grand saving of about 80%!

Hell I'll take that everyday!


Finally and by no means last, my new toy is a Garmin Edge 500, yes I am going all geek out. If you know me you’ll know that I love my gadgets and I have had my eye on this for a while, the prices have dropped and care of Amazon I picked one up with the cadence monitor.

I’ll spare you the details…of course this is now a bit dated now especially with the Edge 800 touch screen model but I wanted low weight, hi tech, moderate price, the 800 is nearly double the 500 and I can get all touch screeny with my iPhone! Check out this awesome review for all the 411!

I have the cages and everything else is on order.

So you’re probably wondering when the hell I am going to start riding, well as mentioned I have the Long Beach Marathon this weekend so no riding this week for me…I do have this to look forward to though!

imageYep, a full on motion capture fitting!