Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The seat of the issue and your assets!

I’ve been looking for a new saddle, the one that came with the bike is to put in plainly; brutal! 50 miles sealed the deal, I tried I really did Fiz’ik saddles are supposed to be really good. But the reality is that whatever the brand…and the cost, it’s got fit your derriere and be comfortable, there is nothing more wrong than a saddle that doesn’t fit; suffice to say it can make it a very non-enjoyable experience if your ass and assets are not happy! I’ve been looking online, the sales are starting to flare up so now’s a good time to pick something up…but of course I am too impatient. So I stopped in at my local Performance Bike to see what they had, in a word; well two, not much!

That being said they did have one of their own branded saddles actually available and on the sale and it seemed to fit, well as much as you can try these things in the store, anyway so I got it, got home, realized that it had been used and returned (grrr), fitted it, spent an hour on it and maybe it will work! I need to spend a few more hours on it to really see but so far so good.

P1000645Oh and the total bonus is that it matches the paint job!