Friday, October 15, 2010

The winners enclosure…

Another busy week in the books, work is crazy and I found out this week that I will, as will most of my company, will be working through the holidays. It’s a high class problem I know but even so catching a break here or there would be nice!

Anyway much like last week without any fanfare the winner of the RoadID is….Cynthia Corral! Congrats, drop me a line with your email or DM me on Twitter and I will send you the details. Remember if you didn’t win you can still buy one, use the Coupon Code BG5244 and you’ll get $1 off:

I am still trying to give away the case of Mix1! Another week goes by with it unclaimed and another winner is drawn…Robin! Let’s see if third time is a charm!

As always thanks to these awesome companies for the free stuff!


Oh and talking of winning I got this email on Tuesday!


How freekin’ awesome is that! New bike…new  wetsuit…whatever next???