Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yeah so about running this Marathon tomorrow…

image So they say it’s better to turn up 10% undertrained that 2% over…does that work for about 20% undertrained, ‘cos that’s what I am! My longest run 20 miles, second longest 19, third about 17, that’s it!

Running in the last two weeks, not a lot to zero, running in the last month a bit more than that but not by much!

Oh well!

The plan…turn up with a smile and finish with one too.  I will be walk/running, it’s the only way I can realistically guarantee finishing it one piece and in a half decent time! I am not really running for time but my best guestimate 4-4:30. we’ll see! Weather forecast is mid to high 60’s with some cloud cover…that sounds good to me. My “outfit” is wear tested and the hay is in the barn.

I’ll be at the expo around midday-ish today, will you be?