Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday’s winners…

Just a quick post. I am behind the 8 ball this week so no drumroll, fanfare or fancy graphics! A quick sort out and spin of the wheel, as it where, at and I have the two winners of the Clif Crunch Contest….

Lori and Chris F…email me or tweet me your mailing address and I will pass it onto Clif who will be sending you out the bars directly! My email is quadrathon at gmail dot com

Up next is a revised winner for the case of Mix1 from nearly two weeks ago…the new winner is…Ben S, likewise Ben email me you mailing address and Mix1 will send it to you direct.

Check back on Friday for the RoadID giveaway!

Oh and look what arrived today!


I just need to schedule a fitting and I am good to go! Wahoo!