Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Schedule

A few changes compared to what I had penciled in last November;

  • February 7;  The Rock Cobbler 3.0, 100m gravel grinder…sorta – registered


  • February 6-14; Tour of Sufferlandria, the usual shenanigans! Becca and I are actually traveling this period so getting this done may trickier than it looks, plus I have the race above on Day 2!
  • March 19 ; Redlands Strada Rossa 100km or 100m, waiting for some answers from the RD
  • April 9; Mulholland Challenge. 106 miles, I will also be riding this again on the Sunday and with a few more miles with more elevation to get into the High Rouleurs Society
  • April 24; Belgium Waffle Ride, 135 miles and 11,000’ of gain on and off road
  • April 24 L’etape du California. The Queens Stage from the Amgen Tour of California, ends with a ride up Gibralter in Santa Barbara
  • May; TrainerRoad 8 Days of California
  • June 4; Dirty Kanza 200registered will it be hot or will it be muddy?


Targeting a 10,000 mile year overall so whatever I end up with for the second half I will be rolling plenty of miles. As for the second half right now it’s wide open, maybe another Everesting or something like that…

Becca still has her four main events although there is less focus on Oceanside as she has only just started training again post collarbone break.

  • April 2,  Oceanside 70.3 – registered
  • July 10, Vineman 70.3  – registered
  • October 16, Arizona 70.3  – registered
  • November 20, Ironman Arizona – registered

So there you go, of course as anyone knows, anything can happen…and it usually does!

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