Monday, January 18, 2016

Rock Cobbler Week 4

This week marked the end the end of this Training Block. Given that last week I was traveling and then sick this can be best described as pulling a white rabbit out of hat full of shit!

Monday, I was sick and off work and off training.

Tuesday, TrainerRoad Carrigan, After Sunday and Monday off with sore throat/lost voice thing started back up where I left off. Still rasping throat when I breathed hard so dialed this back to 90%. Usual 5 mile warm up followed by a couple of extra miles to round up to 25. 60 minutes of mostly Aerobic Endurance work spent between 60-80% FTP with the addition of 3x3-minute Force Intervals with 3 minute's rest between them and 3x10s Strength Sprints followed by 6 minutes of Tempo work.


Wednesday, TrainerRoad. Gibbs.15 min warm up followed by Gibbs, 2 hours of aerobic Endurance spent between 60-70% FTP. All Zone 2/3 work, Throat still sore but getting better.


Thursday, TrainerRoad, Black. Ran out of day, should have been a two hour session so opted for a one hour ride and dialed it back 5% as I will add the 2 hours back in tomorrow. Couple of miles to warm up and then an hour of aerobic Endurance riding ranging from 50-80% FTP with no recovery.


Friday, After yesterday’s bust I had hoped to get on the bike for a couple of hours, thinking that I could one a 1, 2, 3 over Friday Saturday and Sunday, instead I spent the evening at Urgent Care with a sick kid, Strep Throat!

Saturday, TrainerRoad, Koip Finally feeling like I am firing on 4 cylinders, 6 or 8 will come in time! Koip consists of nearly 2.5 hours of aerobic Endurance riding spent between 60-75% FTP.


Sunday. Outside. First Century of the year albeit a metric one. Plan was 3 hours of 65-75% of FTP on the trainer but it was a jersey and bibs kinda day. Kept with the right percentages as much as possible although had a couple of fun sprints and dug in on a few of the climbs. Got a bit chilly at the end. Happy to pull this week out of the crapper as being sick last weekend and earlier on took it's toll on top of traveling last week



So as you can see the week got better as it went on. My original plan was to go with the TrainerRoad Traditional High Volume III plan but I am considering the Sweet Spot plan instead, need to do a bit of research and thinking on this.

Totals for the week, 11:31 and 197.5 miles…rounding up, not this week!

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