Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review; XShot 2.0 for GoPro

So the good folks at XShot sent me an XShot 2.0 with GoPro Head to test and review. Now I should confess I don’t own a GoPro (I did until it went swimming with the wrong case) but I do own a Garmin Virb X and as the mount is universal it would work.

Out of the gate I was really impressed with construction of the GoPro Pole. It has solid feel to it thanks to the all metal shaft. The handle is rubber and pretty non slip which is good when using while riding a bike. At the base of the handle there is a ¼” thread for attaching a tripod. The wrist lanyard is also a really nice touch and adds a degree of security, especially when using it for an activity where you are moving; skiing, in a roller-coaster or on a bike. My testing was limited to the third one of the three. I am not a fan of roller-coasters and I can’t ski!

The XShot 2.0 measures just under 9”. It has 5 telescoping extensions built in (think of a car antenna) each of which are 6” long. The handle is 7” long so you have a maximum range of 37” and a minimum of 9” with 5” increments. The mount is your typical GoPro mount and you can angle the camera but angling it at the lock and nut. My only complaint is that the nut is loose. This is unlike usual mounts where the nut is affixed to the mount. This means if you get carried away unscrewing it you could drop it, fine in the kitchen not so fine on the snow. It weighs in at 149g so about the same as 5 Gu gels.


Like most things that are well designed and simple it works. As mentioned the construction is solid and I have not issues pushing in or pulling out the telescoping quickly. This is something I have had to do a couple of occassions. I have used it exclusively with my Virb X on the bike and combined with the Virb remote on my handlebars I have been able to take some good road shots of my new 3T Orbis II wheels. As with all camera shots where you can’t see a view finder it’s always hit and miss but fortunately the 128GB microSD card has plenty of room for bad photos!



While not riding the XShot fitted easily into my cycling jersey pocket without issue. As noted my use has been limited to riding the bike although I can see plenty of other applications and it will be a great thing to shove in my bag when on vacation next month.

Becca has asked me to video her in the pool and previously I have had to jerry rig a mount on a golf club, this will be perfect for that as the shaft will not flex under the water’s resistance.

Available directly from XShot online the XShot 2.0 is $29.99 and if you sign up for their email you can save 10%.

This products was provided free of charge by XShot. See previous gear reviews in the tab above. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at

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