Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rock Cobbler Week 3

Monday, TrainerRoad Dans. Monday is typically a rest day but I find that adding a little recovery ride helps with Tuesday. Dans is 30 minutes of active recovery riding spent between 45-55% FTP.


Tuesday, flew to Texas, packed my running shoes but all I saw for the week was the inside of an office or my hotel. Had a couple of really good meals though. Flew home Friday but had a skratchy throat and knew I was coming down with something.

Saturday, TrainerRoad Koip. First ride after getting home, skratchy throat and pretty feeling pretty flat, this should have been 2.5 hours but I was feeling rough after 90 minutes.


Sunday, sick, in bed most of the day, super sore throat, voice like Barry White!

Week 3 was just a mess, best put behind me and forgotten about.

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