Monday, January 18, 2016

Gravel Gear; Inner Tubes

With big tires comes big Inner Tubes. I picked up some Specialized Airlock tubes at a local bike shop. who knew that sealant prefilled tubes exist? I fitted them today with the Clement Tires. The first one went one without issus, the second was a bit pissy with the sealant coming out a bit at the valve. I was told they were a sealed system but having a valve negates that!

Anyway now the tubes and tires are on. I was a bit concerned about the tire clearance nearest to the bottom bracket, it’s pretty tight and if encounter any mud it could be problematic. Keeping an eye on the future and remember that last year’s DK200 was muddy and it’s been raining some here lately I swapped out a pair of Gatorskins I had on a Facebook Group for some narrower Clement tires. They should be here by the end of the week so I can see how they fit. 7mm doesn’t sound like a lot but it is!
I was undecided about the dust caps. I decided to put them back on as it is off road but I went with black instead of red in the end.

Becca also found me a helpful video on how to recenter disc brakes, this worked like a charm!

And with that the wheels were done!

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