Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 by the numbers

Got this spiffy image from VeloViewer this year;


Broken down into running and cycling it looks like this:

run download2

Very interesting to see the clear point where I hung up my running shoes after Leona Divide, although I ran a bit during the Summer the main focus from April onwards was the bike.

I have data all over the place these days but the source of truth remains Garmin Connect which has data all the way back to 2007. It’s feeds directly into SportTracks now which has a really nice web UI and from there I get the following info:


As you can see there is a dicrepancy in the totals, I first saw this very early on during 2015 and it’s to do with how Strava rounds up or down. VeloViewer pulls from Strava’s API.That said I am sure there must be a some double entries In SportTracks and probably some things missing in Strava, it was only this year (from memory) that Garmin starting pushing data to other platforms, before then everyting had to be upoaded individually.

Either way it was a big year, nearly twice as big as 2014 albeit with a different focus. 2013 was a down year but compared to 2012 which was a big year including a 70.3 and Ironman I had 567 hours for 5115 miles. Lot’s of slow miles in the pool will do that for you!

Anyway with that all said, all of this is behind me and now I am now looking forward to 2016.

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