Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What's with this funky blog title?

Well let me explain. The Quadrathon, actually the Quadrathlon was originally two (male/female) events comprising four disciplines; 1 mile, 5K, 10K and overall distance event masterminded by Snowcrash on the Nike+ site. The purpose of this blog was to highlight the event and results and provide the competitors with a place to visit that they could catch up on all the gossip. I never had any real intention of it becoming a real or personal blog but along the way I hijacked it and it became exactly that!

That was in 2006!

Some interesting (or not) things!

It's a work in progress, but then so am I, check back frequently...
  1. I have two three tattoos, but you’ll only ever see one two*.
  2. I have a hand-me-down middle name; my father, my grandfather etc
  3. I have had three motorcycle crashes
  4. I passed my driving test first time after 3 lessons
  5. I am squeamish apart from my own blood, body parts etc
  6. Both of my knees have dislocated; multiple times
  7. As has my jaw and wrists!
  8. I have only broken one bone; a toe
  9. I have one leg longer than the other
  10. In high school I played rugby, hockey and was on the track and field team; long and triple jump
  11. I graduated high school at 15
  12. I moved to Holland to work when I 17, I stayed two years
  13. I spent seven years in the Territorial Army
  14. I reached the rank of Sergeant
  15. My first trip to the US was with the Army
  16. We went to, of all places, Alabama
  17. I was awarded an Honorary Colonelship for the State
  18. I do not have a Bachelors degree but I do have a Masters’
  19. I was class valedictorian; they don’t officially recognize that!
  20. I have lived in California for 6 10 years and never been in the been swimming in ocean; once!**
  21. I have been down white-water rapids on my back in a life vest
  22. I have traveled to four continents: Europe, North and South America, Africa
  23. I leaned to snowboard in June! OK it was in New Zealand
  24. The first plane I ever flew in had propellers
  25. I have suffered from altitude sickness; it sucked
  26. I have navigated my way around Peru with a 10 page phrase book
  27. I am the eldest of three boys, there are exactly two years, two months 8 days between the youngest and the middle and then the same between between the middle and me...spooky?
*updated November 2012 with the addition of the coveted MDot ink!
** updated Summer 2012 OMFG it was salty!

More soon...