Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review; CamelBak Groove

Shortly before we headed on vacation to Zion and Bryce last month (wow time flies)! CamelBak was kind enough to send me one there new Groove bottles, now I could go on about it but I am sure you would sooner listen to someone who knows what they are talking about:

Pretty good right, there’s not much I can add, I have used mine for a month now, at the gym, on vacation and just at my desk, I am probably as guilty as the next person in not drinking enough and having it to hand makes it a lot easier as does being able to fill it up from any tap! There is no after taste and I am pretty sure that any nasties are being filtered out!

Now I am sure most folks who read this have a multitude of reusable bottles; we all do, bike bottles, belt bottles and bladders! But they might not be that thing that you want to have on the corner of your desk or carry around while not wearing lycra, drymax or mud whereas this can easily sit there. Also on the upside for the environment you can do away with plastic bottles for good!

The construction is BPA-Free and holds 20 oz (.6 L) and comes with a CamelBak® Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee™. It’s available in 4 colors and also a Stainless Steel version too.

Like the video said the filter lasts about three months and costs about $10 for a 2-pack replacement set the bottle itself is available for $25 although if you shop around on the interwebs you can get one for $20 or so!

But hey here’s a deal for you I have one to give away thanks to the cool folks at CamelBak! To enter into this competition is easy, it’s the usual format

Leave a comment on the blog will get you an entry

Follow CamelBak on Facebook will get you another

Tweet this entry “I just entered the @quadrathon CamelBak Groove giveaway ” entry and you can have three

Let me know what you have done and I will draw the name from a hat over the weekend!

Easy peasy!

Both bottles were provided free of charge by the good folks at CamelBak. See previous gear reviews in the sidebar on the right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A trail runner is born…

…although I think she is in denial! I present the evidence:


Today’s route…it’s really not as bad as it looks!


Around Mile 5, note inane grin!


More climbing…still grinning!


When home she posts picture of her dirty shoes!


Then Twitter DMs me this! Ok so maybe there is less denial than I think!


This is the Boney Mountain, there’s no ridge you just run over it!

……the dark side awaits!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review; Saucony Peregrine

Having review the Saucony Kinvara back in December I was very keen to take a look at and get some miles on the Peregrines. Built on the same last they are essentially the off road cousin to the Kinvara’s.


So first here is what Saucony has to say:

Trail runners helped pioneer the minimalist movement, so it was only "natural" to introduce the ProGrid Peregrine. Built on the same foot-form as the Kinvara and featuring a 4mm heel drop, the Peregrine is a must-have for any trail running enthusiast. Multi-direction lugs provide a sticky grip, so you can focus and feel your way through any terrain.

  • The trail blazing shoe that's a must-have for the outdoor runner
  • Minimalist, low profile and incredible responsiveness on uneven surfaces
  • Multi-directional lugs and sticky rubber for amazing traction and grip
  • Weight: 9.1 oz

So from the ground up here we go. The sole is flat, that is there is no differentiator between heel and sole, just a small break in the tread, the lugs are bi directional, giving you plenty of purchasing power on the sole for the ups and on the heels on the way down, with a little roll up over the toe. The rubber is nice and sticky and allows you to scamper over rocks without any fear of slipping. The outsole also has Saucony's latest version of ProGrid which is is 20% more responsive than EVA, what I can tell you is that it’s light and soft but it also rebounds nice and quickly. There is a little coverage along the top of the outsole to keep some of the mud and dust out.

The cushioning and rock plate is enough to give you some protection but these are a lightweight shoe and it takes a little time to adjust to that, think of this of these as a dirt bike compared to some heavier shoes which are more like a humvee, you have to pick your line around rather than simply plowing through.

The uppers are fabric with a unique web like covering which surrounds and molds to you you foot shape, I was a little worried that that would be a bit sloppy but the uppers work really well. The tongues are sewn in and that helps keep your  feet clean and the trail crud out…always a good thing! Solid lacing and sewn in looped eyelets keep the laces nice and tight. There is also a D ring for gaiters…I love love love this!


Out of the box I was a little worried that the toe box was going to be a bit small or tight, it is smaller than the Kinvara but there is plenty of room. Inside they are lined with Hydrator at the heel and have a breathable sockliner so you can avoid all that hot sweaty foot funkiness!

So what’s not to like, well to be honest nothing, they fit well, they ride well, they’re nice and light and with my shift to fore/mid foot running I had no issues in them.


So I guess you’re thinking they cost a bomb well sorry to disappoint you RRP is $90 and a quick hunt online found them for $10 less than that!

I suppose if I have to find a real fault it’s that they are only available in blue for men or green for women, compared to the Kinvara’s which are available in a rainbow palette of colors!

These shoes were provided free of charge by the good folks at Saucony. See previous gear reviews in the sidebar on the right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at

Sunday, April 17, 2011


When I started my most reincarnation of runner, I started using Nike+ over time that has led me through Buckeye Outdoors, Go Wagon, Facebook, Twitter and finally to Daily Mile, if you’re not familiar with it think of it as Facebook for athletes, and don’t let “athlete” put you off joining, if you run, bike, swim or crawl you’re welcomed. I have had the opportunity to meet a few on line friends IRL (In Real Life) from most of these Domains although nowhere near as many as I would like. So when I “friended” Rebecca a triathlete who lived not 2 miles from me it was so going to happen that we would get together for a run or a ride…note, not swim, she has just come off of Oceanside 70.3 and has VineMan in two months. Anyway we went for the ride option, she claims her weakness is the bike, yeah right! She chicked me on the downhill's and was merrily cruising as I spent the bulk of my ride in Z4 and Z5 although I think the Z5 was from the downhill! It was also an opportunity to meet her husband and another IRL runner friend Bob joined us too.


Descent Patented by Six Flags!

We spent a great two and half hours cruising round a local riding route. The conversation as you would expect was racing and training but we even managed to touch our real lives, work, family etc and at the end we all sat down in Peets for a cold ice tea and cool down.

It was a good reminder that while we spend a lot of our time fitting in solitary miles there’s always room for good company.

bec_ron_edit Rebecca and Ron…one of the few times I was ahead of them both!


Rolling to a rest!


Peace out!


Getting all artsy with the reflection in my lenses

And so ended one of my biggest weeks of training in months!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Midweek miles…

A few photos from my lunchtime run route, I am only getting in 4-5 miles per run but I time allowing I can get lost in the mountains!




Ok so it’s not super pretty but it beats the road and it’s not a bad little hill climb!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday photog…

A camera, blue skies, new shoes and dry trails…


Photoshoot for new Saucony Peregrines…well a 10 second delay and me running to and fro…a lot!


Lots of rain equals lots of green…I ran up and down this hill…


Proof…and a pudding belly!


Black and white just worked out better here…


Forefooted landing….yay!


It was a close thing but I managed to out run him!


Not very far but plenty of ups and downs!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review; CEP Compression Shorts

running_tight_05So a while back, in fact quite a while back the good folks at CEP sent me a pair of their new compression shorts to review. If you have been following this blog for anytime you’ll know that I am a big fan of compression clothing, there is some ongoing discussion about the benefit of compression clothing while training and for recovery for a good list of the literature check out Joe Friel’s post here. Personally I used various items; sock, sleeves, shorts and tights while training and for my last three or four races I have worn a pair of compression shorts and I firmly believe in the benefits of it for recovery. So with this is mind I welcomed their arrival and set out to put them through their paces. But first some info from CEP:

The CEP Compression Tri Shorts represents a unique new version of what you've known as triathlon racing apparel. The shorts feature a compressive knit in the leg section which absorbs less than 3% moisture and dries very quickly. Constructed with an upper and lower section, the compression Tri shorts offer an incredible amount of compression for the quads and hamstrings for a truly new experience in muscle oscillation dampening.

Simply put, your muscle are free to perform the task at hand without flying all over the place, wasting energy and increasing fatigue. The upper, or brief section, is made with POWER material which offers additional support for the buttocks and hip flexors without causing discomfort in the aero position. 3-D fit further promotes muscle support and as close to a perfect fit as you are going to find. Rear ventilation mesh panels and a secure rear pocket for personal items. Forget what you thought you knew about top notch triathlon racing apparel. The CEP Compression Tri Shorts will open your eyes to an exciting new world of PR's and race finishes.


  • Secure back pocket
  • Fleece Chamois (Triathlon Shorts * Not in Running)
  • Elastic waist band
  • Flat seams
  • 3D Fit with Ventilation Panels in the back
  • Compressive legs, no gripper needed
    * Running is the exact same without the padding for Triathlon (Chamois)

  • In terms of their trial I have worn them outside, inside (with a few odd looks, whatever people) mostly while running and also while  cross training  during the forefoot transition which involved the elliptical, lot’s stretching, jump rope, lunges, skipping and plyometric work so they have been put through their paces although I would say I have yet to put any real long runs on them.

    As the description above states they are made of two sections and of two distinct materials. The upper material, fits around the waist and hips down to the top of the thighs. Made from a thinner material it is less compressing than the lower section. There are multiple panels that allow the shorts to become sculptured to your body, the panels are connected by super flat seams and I had no issues with chaffing, for preference I wear Asics Transistors underneath. There is a small flap over pocket (no zip) which is larger enough for a gel or a key in the back just below the ventilation strip which helps with the breathability. The legs have two panels  and again have super flat seams. I had a size IV which equates to a Large, the sizing is based on the circumference around your thigh and for my height (6’1”) they are plenty long enough reaching down to the top of my knee comfortably. The material in these sections is considerably thicker and this is where the shorts have the most compression and as a result are their most snuggiest and of course this makes total sense as this is around your quads and upper hamstrings.

    So how to they perform, well the first thing is getting them on. Not that I have ever put a wet suit on (yet…I do have one in a box under my bed!) but I know there is some risk of putting your fingers through the neoprene and there feels a similar risk because these shorts are tight, tight, tight but with a bit of wriggling it’s all good, you have to actually feel like you are pulling them up a bit too high to let them settle down! Now with tightness comes effectiveness, and these shorts are effective, that being said I have not put major mileage on them in terms of distance but I have comfortably worn them for several hours at a time, the comfort level is high; the chaffing is zero. The wicking is effective and they dry well. Overall these are comfortable and effective in helping  with the percussion on the muscles…and that is really the point right. Now I get it that some of it might be psychological but I have to say that some of it really is physiological and that combination is pretty powerful…after all how many pairs of compression socks have you seen in the last few seasons and expect to see more this year ? Compression Shorts and their big brother Compression Tights are only a step away.

    Available in Black, the are gender specific and come in five sizes; XS through XL. Pricewise they are all over the map and a quick Google shopping search online found them from $90 all the way up to $214! These shorts are also available as a Tri Short for a similar price.

    If you’re interested in any of my other reviews on compression clothing you can follow the links in the right hand list to the review.

    Product kindly supplied free of charge by CEP. See previous gear reviews in the sidebar on the right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    It doesn't not work!

    I started wearing a Power Balance band last September or so. I had a twingery, you know one of those niggly things that just wouldn't go away, ice, rest, heat, stretching, massage nothing would make my adductors feel better, so I thought what the hell and I plonked down my cash...well to confess I got it on Amazon and paid less than $10.00 for it, that's something like a 60% discount.

    With two marathons on my short term radar I was pretty desperate to find something that would help.

    It arrived, I put it on, I ran two marathons and then a half and you know what I had no problems from my ads, nada, zip, zero!

    Was it the super duper magnetic powers I brandished locked in a rubber bracelet, had I discovered the Omnitrix; could I become the next I look like a fool (ok don't answer that!) the better question is am superstitious well I am still wearing it, right! And I am sure you might be too!

    Like I said it doesn't not work and as long as it keeps doing that I'll keep wearing it!

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    Back to Base...ics!

    So they say that the only constant is change...ain't that the truth! You might have noticed the lack if posts last month, in fact this year has been a bit light on the blogging front.

    Well the good news is my horizon has kinda cleared and it looks like my life may become a little more my own again! I say a little more 'cos the large part of it still belongs to the man! For the last three weeks I carried my gym bag around with me and never opened it once! Those 10lbs I lost in Jan/Feb came back and brought a few friends to the party! Oh well in this instance the only way is down!

    So It's time to focus on some basics, including some steady mileage and the continued focus on my form, which had been going well. Some trail miles and bike miles too, I've three pairs of trails shoes to review and a hard saved for bike wanting to be ridden in the garage! With Spring here, the clocks going forward and a slightly relaxed work schedule I hope to get back on the pre workout train again, getting it done before breakfast just sets you up for the day!

    Oh and in case you had thought I had stopped reading blogs as well as writing mine I'll be addressing that too!

    It will feel good to be back but it's gonna hurt getting there!

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