An Ambassador for...

For 2018 I stepped back from being an Ambassador and mostly just rode my bike. I had been very fortunate to have been associated with some awesome companies in the past years but last year I thought I would let some other folks carry the flame, it also gave me a chance to spend the year trying new stuff and consider who and what I wanted to apply for 2019. As the year started to wrap up the calls came out and I submitted my applications. So I no particular order I find my myself very fortunate to have been selected by the following companies;

Pactimo; I am actually an Alumni Ambassador, this will be my fifth year working with them. During 2018 I also used their custom services for the Lynskey Group I am a part of online. My wardrobe is full of it and it’s the only thing I wear.

AltRed by SUR; AltRed is a phytonutrient called Betalain which is naturally found in beets. It improves oxygen delivery, mitigates lactic acid and protects muscles from damage during activity. I started using AltRed on the recommendation of a fellow Pactimo BA and found it to be really effective during my workouts and as a recovery aid.

Honey Stinger; simple and effective fuel. Easy to carry, easy on the stomach, tasty and they work. Eating real food is much easier to handle on the bike (vs on the run) and while I do still take gels I actually prefer to eat real food and their waffles fit the bill (and pocket) perfectly . They have a wide variety of flavors, so palette fatigue isn’t a concern. Oh and they go really well with coffee too!

Haute Route; you may have noticed all the Haute Route events on my Schedule. I was very fortunate to have been selected as one of less than one hundred riders to represent them and their international series of events. In addition to riding three of them I’ll be volunteering at a few others!

Hawk Racing; technically I am actually sponsored by them. I’ve been a fan of and using their Bottom Brackets and Derailleur Pulley Wheels for several years now. I found them through Friction Facts (now owned by SRAM). They are so effective and based on the research and science you don’t need and probably shouldn’t be using ceramic bearings! Who doesn’t like free speed!

Sound Probiotics; I actually co-opted Becca’s supply that she got through Couer. Let’s be honest our diets are never 100% perfect, probably anything north of 75% and we’re doing well. So using their Sports Probiotics tips the balance in my favor and prevents things from becoming a problem to start with!

I have a couple more irons in the fire but this is the line up for 2019!

Keep following for some exclusive offerings from each of them as the year unfolds.