Monday, June 11, 2007

Thoughts of a child…

So, all the best stories start with so don’t they. So you can always rely on a child to distill life into a few simple words, here’s a great example. This morning I am peeling off some Compeed from a toe while my eldest son, has his bath, he is two, well nearly three (going on thirty) and is well into the “why” phase of life, this is repeated until he either gets a satisfactory answer or is distracted. Our conversation goes something like this;

what’s that Daddy?”

it’s a plaster”...(UK English for Bandaid)


because Daddy has an owie on his toe


because Daddy tried new running socks and then made his toe sore

toe sore?”

yes, can you see Daddy’s owie

yes, are you running now?”

not today

I like running

You do, (the window opens for me to turn the table I think) why?”

He contemplates this for a second and answers…“because I can”.


  1. Good stuff. I'm going to use that answer when people ask me why I run so much.
    I have to imagine my "daughter" saying this sort of stuff to me. She does look inquisitive with those big ears and eyes!

  2. Very cool. He'll be passing you soon. Enjoy. Trust me, the time flies!

  3. If only he knew just how true that comment is. People have looked at me strangely when I have given that exact reason for running or the like. Kids always speak the truth.


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