Thursday, July 24, 2008

And now a message from our sponsors!

Not my sponsors but the sponsors of:

The Quadrathon;
It’s Worth the Weight Challenge!

First a little background. Last month I partook in Viv’s weight challenge and managed to drop 6/7lbs which was great news and put me under 170lbs for the first time in a, well, long while, and I even got a free T-shirt for my efforts (thanks Viv, Tom and Amy). The competitor in me realized that this was the perfect way for me to get to my race weight to where I want it to be for the Fall/Winter racing season and to achieve that the best way would be to throw down the gauntlet and pull in some competition.

So now I present to you your generous sponsors who have all donated the prizes:

First you’ve seen me wear them, you heard me talk dirty to you about them, yes; Dirty Girl Gaiters. Handmade by the dirtiest girl on the trail herself; Xy, these are the best things to happen to trail runners since, well, trails! I have four pairs of mens and two pairs of womens to give away; receipt of these is conditional on you providing a photo of you wearing them, either posted on your blog or sent to me!

From one end of your body to the other. Tired of sweat running down you nose? Need to keep the sun out of your eyes? Want to look the sharpest runner at Sunday’s 5k, HM, Ironman or ultra marathon or just be the cool kid on the block, well now you can with the one, the only, Headsweats; I have five SuperVisors and five Race Hats to give away .

On top of that I have some Hammer Nutrition bit’s, some Cliff Shot Bloks, and a Cateye Astrale 8 bike computer.

Prizes to drool over!

I hope to have a few other sponsors coming on line (one has agreed and I am awaiting the arrival of the swag) I will announce them as the prizes arrive; of course if anyone reading this wants to pitch in please do so. I am not sure how I am going to divvy it all up but it looks like the awards will go at least 5 deep for men and women the more stuff I get the deeper they will go.

I am sure you will all agree that these are some excellent prizes and will be worth the blood, sweat, tears, gears, lengths, leks, hills, laps, loops, miles and pain. And I am sure you will join me in thanking the sponsors for their generous support a link to their websites is in the right column.

So here’s the skinny on the competition, the rules, all the other important stuff and the small print:

1. The competition will start Sunday August 3rd and will finish the Sunday after Labor Day; September 7th , winners will be announced shortly after
2. Email me your name, blog url and current weight before August 10th to: quadrathon at gmail dot com
3. Email me your new weight every Sunday, I will update and post the results every Monday or Tuesday
4. Weight loss will be calculated as a percentage, to level the playing field and maintain some privacy
5. Feel free to blog about the challenge to share the love and drive up the competition
6. Winners must post a photo on your blog or email it to me of you in your winner’s garb for publication here or by the Sponsors
7. This is the small print!

So that’s it, whatcha' weighting for? Let’s get to it!


  1. Well this will be the most obnoxious comment you get today-but I can't play. Having a broken jaw has left me at a sufficient weight already :) [but trust me, i would trade a few pounds for the ability to eat some sushi or unblended cereal right now!]

    And you don't exactly look like you'll win this competition either!!!

    Cool swag though!!!! Have fun! And I'll be sure to follow along.

  2. I am in... I AM IN!!! I love prizes and this sounds like a great challenge. Dirty Gaiters sound perfect for me.

    What awesome sponsors! Let the games begin.

  3. Wow, look at you gettin' all sponsory! I don't have any weight to lose however. In fact, I'm often told I better gain some weight. I better not participate.

  4. Maybe I can do better this time around since I really stunk up on Viv's challenge

  5. Hey thanks for the heads up. Now that I am back on track this will keep my competiveness something to do. Count me in. I will email u the requested info by the date and post it on my blog as well.

  6. Okay SLB, I am in.
    Vacation is coming up and I think I will be in trouble.
    But then again, North Carolina fried seafood is balanced nutrition right?

  7. I'll play, but I'm a little nervous about how well I'll do. Haven't been able to lose any weight since December, though I've been trying.

  8. OMG HOW COOL!!! Oooohhh that's some sweet sweet stuff. But I'm only looking to rid myself of 3-4 lbs :-/ But I will most def plug you homie! Wouldn't want anyone to miss out on some coolio stuff.

  9. Sounds like a blast and I always love cool swag and bling!!! Sounds like you had great results with Viv's challenge!!

    I'm in, hopefully with better results!!!

  10. Found the challenge from Marcy's plug. Sounds sweet to me. I'm definitely in. I need a swift kick in the pants since I got a bit off track after Viv's challenge.

  11. I am SO in. I need a little friendly competition.

  12. Yay!!!Great another Challenge! This is sooo what I need. Thanks for starting up another one.

  13. Alrighty then, I'm in. I did well in the Vivalicious challenge, will have to see if I can settle down and get back to it. NICE PRIZES!! :D

    Thanks for doing this!!

  14. Found your challenge through Marcy. Count me in too! Thanks!

  15. okay, I found you while stalking marcy's site, so I'm game. I have PLENTY to lose, but since I eat the equivalent of 3 grown men, I have reservations on being a serious threat to the field. ;-)

    BUT, the DGG's sucked me in. I haven't purchased any yet, and that might just be motivation enough to learn portion control. =)

  16. Is it too late to get in on this challenge?

  17. Sorry Jennifer, we're closed :-(

  18. IngernNurgy IngernNurgy


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