Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Worth the Weight; penultimate weigh in!

Well I told you to expect some changes in the leaderboard and here they are. With Jenn not reporting Scott moves into first place, Nick and Laura are wrestling over third, and Laura is laying it down thick with the trash talk!

Ms V comes into 6th place hot on Kevin's heels with jkrunning not so far behind and swimfan bringing home 8th place and the last of the prizes!

Finally we have everyone, who has reported at least, in negative territory.

Everyone should be sending Second Chances get well vibes; she managed to give herself a stress fracture and is hobbling around in a air-cast, and she spent her birthday last weekend volunterring at the Duathalon that she should have been racing in; she will hit a karma payout big!

One week, well half a week to go, and a sprint finish is on.

Good luck everyone and remember to post your weight as per my last posts details, yes that means you will have to go to the actual blog to read it!


  1. Two hours on the elliptical tonight - that's 12 miles! Not only am I determined to lose more weight and move up in the standings, but I'm feeling better about my half-marathon next weekend. I think I've been managing to cure my knee by eating lots of healthy fats, and they make my diet really easy to stick to.

    Good luck everyone! And go eat a cake so I have an easier time :)

  2. thanks SLB! Karma isn't helping with the weight loss, so i'll be waiting patiently LOL. :)

  3. What?!?!? Java did not surpass me but YOU did?!? I'm sending all the girl scouts over to your house to sell their cookies.

  4. HOLY CRAP... MY Scott is in 1st place!!!! Freaking amazing!!! I love it!!! Can you tell I am excited? The most amazing part is that he has had NO BEERS this entire week. Now that an animal for you.

    GO SCOTT!!! I will not even bring attention to where I fall in the line up. :)

  5. Wow, you guys are all doing great!

  6. I plan on "Movin' on up, to the BIG time!" I have already had some great loss this week so I can't wait to give you my # for the end! Thanks again so much for a great contest with awesome prizes!

  7. I am munching on nacho and guac as I read this. LOL. Good job everyone. I guess I should pull up my socks!


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