Sunday, January 1, 2012

December reviewed…

It seems a bit odd reviewing the month a day after I reviewed my year but there are distinct differences; strategic vs. tactical you might say. I had some clear goals for the month, the focus was on the pool and bike. I had targeted 20,000 yards in the pool and 125 miles a week on the bike with and end goal of 500 miles.

  • 545 total miles (331 more than November) biggest mileage month for 2011
  • 44:56 time, so about 11 hours a week (around a 4 hour per week gain over November)
  • 9 miles running in 1:19 (September 86/15:26)
  • 524 miles cycling in 33:07 ( September 123/7:52)
  • 21,278 yards swam in 10:39 (8350 in November, 11,200 in October and 5150 in September)
  • Starting weight 171.2lb ending 171.8b (from 187 at end of April)

I’ll not dwell on the running, it was on the back burner for a reason.

The cycling went well the longest ride of 75 miles was yesterday and was followed by another 25 miles today with no issues. A lot of the miles were spent on the trainer with long rides on the weekend. I am trialing the second Adamo saddle (BreakAway on the right below) this week on my Cannondale Slice having spent time on the Tine Trial model, on the left.

photo (80)

My swimming is coming along, slowly, per yesterday’s post I am working on bi-lateral breathing, while this is a bit of a step back I think it will serve me best in the long term. I took two swimming lessons during the month and got some good tips and now it is all about practice, practice and practice! I have found that the little and often methodology 4-5 times a week with 1000-1200 yards covered allows me to focus on my form which if I get that right I can build out my endurance. Right now I can manage a mere 300 yards or so without any floaty bits, for the Desert Tri I need to get to 500 yards which in reality means 750 yards to give me some measure of comfort! So to achieve this I am simply going to add 50 yards a week through January and February so the math should looks like:

9 weeks x 50 yards = 450 yards + existing 300 yards = 750 yards

In January I’ll be digging out my running shoes too, I have a half marathon in two weeks so I need to remember this left foot right foot thing!

62 days to go!

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