Monday, April 9, 2012

Head down numbers up!

Not much going on this week as you can probably tell from my lack of posting. It pretty much was a rinse and repeat of the prior week, almost, kinda, sorta! In good old bullet point fashion:

  • I did drop a swim and hit the pool only three times but managed 8000 yards; 2000, 2500 and 3500 my longest swim yet
  • Running was a bit light with only 20 miles but I had a nice progressive tempo run of 8 miles in an hour
  • As usual biking takes up the bulk of the week with just over 119 miles including a hilly (4700’ of climbing) 59 mile ride on Sunday

image On the grand scheme of things I have blown through the 1700th training mile for the year, today is actually the 100th day of the year so that’s not a bad daily average!

  • Failed on the core front…again, I really need to work on that!
  • New brakes arrived to add to my box of speed…up next aero bars and brake levers, then later in the next few months wheels
  • I am also trying to dial the training in with some specificity, especially on the swimming front and with that in mind someone is providing a spreadsheet of workouts focusing on Speed Endurance and “All Rounder's”, with one eye to the future this will also come into play as the IMAZ course is flat flat and flat with something like 400’ of gain in each 30 something mile loop…can you say “stay aero”!
  • I hope to pick up a wetsuit this week and I have identified a local lake where I can open water swim although the ocean is finally calming down

Other than that it’s business as usual!

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