Friday, May 4, 2012

Logging not Blogging…

Hi world it’s me…yes I am still here…well kinda!

The truth is that April has been an up and down month, some big changes including moving house which I am sure you all know is a royal pain in the a$$. I have been training and logging the sessions although I have backed off over the last couple of weeks as I felt I really was not seeing any benefits or gains and that is a clear indicator of overtraining. I was heading for a 600 mile month and in the end easing off the at the end of the month meant I still came in with 534 miles which is still my biggest month this year and second biggest in the last 12, it breaks down as follows

  • Swim 16.63 miles (29,275 yards) in 13:20
  • Bike in 543 miles inn 29:22
  • Run 62 miles in 8:30

Total training time 52:01, looking back over the first four months or this year one of my goals was consistency and I am pleased that I have been able to do that, overtraining not withstanding!

image image Other noticeable milestones are that I passed the 100,000 yard mark in the pool for the year…that’s 56 almost 57 miles! And if I include December that’s nearly 70 miles! OMFG!

For the year I breezed through the 2000 mile mark too, which is good and bad.

I finally rounded out my upgrades for my bike thanks to a friend in England who secured me the new bars…more on this to follow.

This month is pretty crazy too, right now I am in St George UT here to watch and cheer on some friends doing IM St George tomorrow, next weekend I am in Phoenix riding and running on the Ironman Arizona course with a Daily Mile buddy and the following weekend I have my first Olympic distance triathlon and my second triathlon ever!


So lots of fun stuff coming up and hopefully now the dust has settled from the packing boxes I can spend a little time writing about them and catching up with what you are all doing!


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