Monday, December 9, 2013

Still alive and getting stuff done!

Yes I am although I have been a bit busy of late; family, work and training!

Five weeks of training for St George 70.3 is in the bank…mostly, a couple of missed sessions. I have not been so detailed with posting numbers or blogging as you may well have seen in the past so here is a report on it so far;

image image image As always consistency is key and so far things are going well. All things considered it’s been a pretty quiet training/racing year but with hindsight that’s been a good thing as I apart from a couple of big injuries I have been at it since 2007. Moving house, remodeling, blending two families (of two boys each) and mostly recently getting engaged and starting to plan a wedding for next year has taken a priority and that’s just fine! Yes in case you missed it I got engaged to the most wonderful and beautiful (and bad ass) TriBeccaTO!



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