Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Summary

A bit of everything, well if you consider Running and Biking everything. I have written about the Calico 50k and Tour of Sufferlandria in posts before, so I will not focus on that now.

I missed out another 200 mile month but then I was only running for 3 weeks of it!


That said the Tour had an impact against overall mileage as you would expect but it also bit into the overall time of running, carving out nearly 25% of the month. Here is the division;

image image

Overall my time on the dirt has increased in the last month which is a good thing.


This is the ongoing accumulation across terrain;


I passed the 6 month mark and it looks like this;

  • Road; 519.47
  • Treadmill: 309.99
  • Trail: 359.111
  • Total 1188.57


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