Monday, April 6, 2015

LD50 Week 1

Last week was basically a reset week after Nine Trails. While my brain was more or less back in the game my body wasn’t. I dropped about 6lbs on the day and was pretty dehydrated. So the week following was just about keeping moving and not putting any real stress on my body. Here is how it shook out;

Sunday, (actually part of the week before). 2 miles very easy run

Monday. 18 miles on the bike trainer, nice easy Z2 spin

Tuesday. On the new rowing machine. 5000 meters

Wednesday. Off

Thursday. 4 miles easy on the treadmill

Friday. 15 miles easy on the bike trainer

Saturday. Off, well as off you can be running around after the kids at a Track Meet

Sunday. 18 miles road. Was aiming for a solid paced run, cranked out 18 miles at 8:32 pace, a couple of the miles were pretty slow so had to pick things up in the last two miles to get the pace back down again. Hopped on the bike afterwards to ride out a local loop with Becca


So a pretty easy week, although Sunday was a good session. This coming week I want to have a solid 8 days (Sunday to Sunday) and rack up around 70 miles. Next week will be a taper for LD50 which is April 18th.

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