Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Summary

June been and gone. Obviously the focus was Dirty Kanza 200 at the beginning of the month. Race report still to come, yeah 6 weeks late! After the race I took the week off, nothing, nada, zip, zilch! Got back on the road bike the next weekend and knocked out a quick 58 mile ride. The rest of the month was sent really having some fun on the road, totally unstructured riding, catching some early morning sunrises along the way and ramping up the mileage.



I also added picked up a Wahoo receiver and 30 pin adapter, this lets me use TrainerRoad on the road, another post to follow on this. I am really excited about this as it lets me upload my road rides to TrainerRoad, this fills the TSS gap that’s created when riding off of the trainer. This is the image I posted to Instagram. Hey give me a follow while you’re there!

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The last week of June I was on vacation with the family in Las Vegas and had to log my lazy river laps…swimming is swimming right!


So even with a week off I almost hit 650 miles for the month.


Time to pick it up in July again!

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