Friday, March 31, 2017

March Summary

WOAH! That escalated quickly!

The month got pretty big pretty fast! The nice thing is that the accumulation is driven by the training and not the other way round. Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know that I am using TrainerRoad for my training. Specifically I have been following the Sweet Spot Base High Volume Plans. I will cover the plans in more detail in a different post. But to summarize (and copy from TR’s website);

The Sweet-Spot block is the most efficient form of base training for 99% of cyclists — it’s what we recommend. You’ll train in the Sweet-Spot, Threshold and VO2max power zones for a blend of interval training that makes you stronger, faster.”

There have been typically only two diversions away from the plan have been a recovery ride on a Monday which, per the plan, is a rest day. From experience having an easy ride sets up for a better week. Long outdoor rides at the weekend have supplemented the training and given me the opportunity to put into practice some of the training and keep my road skills sharp…well you know it’s all relative.


The only event this month was the Redlands Strada Rosso. Turned out (again) to not be the event I planned for. I still need to write up the report and will post that soon…it’s still sinking in!

Coming up in April I have two road events; Mullholland Challenge and the L’Etape so lots of climbing and then some more climbing!

Strength training…yeah still need to work on that!

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