Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hello World!

Well it’s been a while…

I’ve been kinda busy, riding my bike and work and stuff!

Wrapped a pretty epic 2017 with the following notches on my belt:


Crushar in the Tushar


Everesting on Zwift


Mauna Kea Ascent


Bike leg for Carpenteria Tri…we came second!


A tad over 12,0000 miles for the year…rode every single day!

Exercised N+1 several times:


Picked up a NOS Cervolo R3 to live on the Kickr to replace the existing R3:


Traded in my trusty Linskey Cooper CX for a Linskey Cooper CX! No really I did!


Also picked up a belt driven single speed CX bike, I have 4 months to figure that out!

This year has had a pretty mellow start: 4 Days to Fitness, BWR Camp, SPNDX Stampede and BWR! OK maybe not that mellow!

I’ll get round to back filling some of this at some point, in the meantime I start writing forwards, thanks to James, who I met last weekend for the kick in the pants!

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