Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Swap Beat Week 5 Results

There’s definitely a post Thanksgiving slowdown going on, much like a cruise ship coming to a gentle halt it would seem to take everyone a week or so to come to satisfying stop post their tryp-to-phan. A new week and new winners: Nikemom takes top honors closely followed by MCM Mama, hot on their heels were Julianne and Pat. As for my dire performance well I can expect to drop 5-6lbs on Saturday, I am carb loading for this little baby, and that's my excuse!

As usual contact the owner of the SWAG you desire and make all the necessary arrangements directly then post up about your prizes; a little auditing reveals that so far Robin is the only compliant one so far (kudos to the fellow ultra runner!), the remainder of you get your slack selves in order!

As an incentive and a reminder here are the top three overall losers, in no particular order; Julianne, Nikemom and Maddy. Remember there is an overall prize which will be awarded to the greatest percentage lost overall!


  1. Did I win something for posting my prize?...LOL!! I am just happy that Nick had to cough up the cash for my prize.

  2. Congrats to Nikemom and MCM Mama!! :-)

  3. Great Job everyone although you’re not eating enough fast food.

    Anyway, Good Luck this weekend Stuart!

  4. I'll take the Nike+ Swag from you Mr. Q. :D

  5. I'm going to wimp out and take my own prize. Why? Because I am avoiding the post office at all costs LOL. And I know it fits me and is something I can use. :o)

    Thanks for keeping us all on track.


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