Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review; Injinji Performance Glove

I picked up my Injinji Gloves at the LA Marathon last year and therefore it’s only been during the last 3-4 months I have actually had cause to use them. I have used gloves on and off during the winter months in previous years but have found that they are usually a little excessive in fabric and there really is little or no “fit”. Injinji address this with an anatomical design that conforms to natural curve of your hand that you create when running added to which they have added a pimply, grippy surface “Grip-Rite” to the palm and fingers. On the back there are some reflective strips. One big difference is that they are cuffless and end at the base of you palm rather than extending over your wrist. Warmth wise; afterall that’s why you wearing them right, they are made from wicking Tetra-Fleece; shiny on the outside, fluffy on the inside

So what’s the conclusion: well firstly they run a little small so try them on first, they are very snug and almost like a second skin, the anatomical fit does work and is mildly supportive. The inner fluffiness is very nice and the wicking seems to work but then I have never been a clammy hand sufferer. The Grip-Rite works but after one Winter is starting to wear off (or wash off) on the ends of the fingers. I liked the short cuffs but on cold days you may want to cover those exposed wrists.

All in all they work, however they are a lightweight glove, I wore them at Twin Peaks last year and I was cold, although I was cold all over by the end. So for SoCal on a normal winter’s morning/evening they’re great for somewhere colder they would be great for Fall or Spring.


  1. I don't know if I could wear gloves!

  2. Thanks for the review, and congratulations on your 50K PR!

  3. Nice gloves. I wear cheap ones because I always worry that I would lose them. I've never worn one all the way through a race or training run. Once I warm up they come off.

  4. Nice review. I like to just run in a blanket. ha ha. just kidding but glad they work so well for you!

  5. these are great! they are pretty lighweigh, i found mine at the injinji store. pretty good deals & free shipping there!!!


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