Saturday, June 26, 2010

By the numbers…

Another week in the bag, books, bank and body! I hit all seven days and even threw in some weight training too! Total failure on the 40 hours sleep front, I’ll be trying that again next week, third times a charm as they say!

Here’s the deets from the week…by the numbers:

  • 9 workouts; 5 runs, 1 bike, 1 swim and 2 weights
  • 43:09 miles in total: 27 run, 15 bike, 1 swim more or less
  • 33.5% in Z2 and 50.8% in Z1
  • 7:34 in total time

I had a couple of awesome runs, really dialing in on Zone 2, it’s becoming a point of pride to keep it in the “zone” and even after only three weeks I am noticing a difference. I had one bad, not enough sleep and to much sun and it was an uphill struggle from the start. This data is from the best one of the week; 99.7% in Z1/2.

moorparkz2 7 miles at 5am

I have also discovered a very guilty pleasure, it makes an hour on the trainer fly by when you’re watching the Paris Roubaix, Giro D’Italia or Liege Bastogne Liege!

image cyclingtv

A couple of downspots while faffing with a towel about otherwise a pretty solid and very enjoyable hour on the bike, there's a lot to be learned just from watching the pros, if you want to be a cyclist think like a cyclist, that's very zen!

I have posted the Google doc on the endurance drinks, you can find my early results and thoughts on the first four posted below, sorry it's a bit small. The spreadsheet, which is more current will be updating as I go is online here.


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  1. Let me know when you know for sure if you are doing HH. If so, I will sign up to vounteer. ;)


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