Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toes, Twitter, Feet and FaceBook!

image So a while back I was contacted by a company representing Toe Juice…would I be interested…you know where this is going don’t you. And so a week later I got a box of stuff. Not only did I receive two bottles of Toe Juice but I got a couple of Hog Wash also. I will let the product speak for itself:

Toe Juice® is a fast drying liquid, which refreshes, soothes, and softens dry cracked feet, in addition to stop itching, burning, and annoying irritations. Toe Juice® effectively remedies most skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot, dry patches on the skin.”


Hog Wash infused with DermaVine is specially formulated to naturally promote new skin growth, leaving hands clean, soft and hydrated”.

Now my feet are…well runner’s feet, they’re not exactly Hollywood foot model caliber, a broken toe, insanely short toe nails, dry hard skin, Morton’s toe and the occasional black nail…you know the usual! So I figured the only way is up, right! To effectively review Toe Juice I thought I would simply document the progress over the next ten days and so I present Exhibit A: My left foot, well heel to be precise.

image Day 1, before first treatment

Yep pretty it ain’t! Now here’s the good bit, the folks at Toe Juice have put together a superb Prize Package for one lucky person and two lucky feet who really need it. So here is the competition, it’s the usual deal, you need to (a) follow them on Twitter here, then (b) follow them on FB here and then (c) post a comment saying you’ve done that, if you don’t do Twitter or FB that’s cool too, just say that in the comment…doing these things get you the right to enter the real fun. Then send me a photo of your foot/feet and then you the readers will decide who really needs the prize…the gnarlier the better! The competition will run for 10 days, as long as my foot experiment after which I will post the pics and you can all vote. Now if you want to know what you’ll be winning, here’s a most excellent photopshopped picture of the swag up for grabs!

ToeJuicePrizeWho says I don’t love you! So get clicking with your mouse and camera and email the photos to quadrathon@gmail.com and a big thank you Toe Juice for putting up the prizes!


  1. My feet always dry out when I run around barefoot. I hate it when they crack like that...

  2. that's pretty gross.. i'm going to pass on this competition (since my feet are in pretty good shape).. but i'm curious to see the results. Could this actually be a product that works?!?!!?

  3. My heels TOTALLY look like yours and rest of my feet are pretty yucky too. It's the cross we runners have to bear I guess...I'm interested to see how it improves your feet!

  4. I am a freak and my feet are actually in pretty decent shape despite running, so sadly I would not be a winner. I am looking forward to seeing the nasty pics though! lol

  5. Stuart..I did take a picture of my feet after Western States...it is too narly to even show..the Swelling is now down, the blisters have popped and drying, but the toenails are all a mess..BUT I love it..My prize is the buckle..I will let someone else take the toe juice prize...Tony

  6. i have sexy cracking heels too. i know, such a turn on! perhaps i will throw up a post with my attractive feet :)


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