Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mojo + Motivation = MoJoVation

So with one eye on the future, only one eye mind you, my mojo and motivation has flamed on to coin a phrase of the Human Torch!

It would seem strange that I was not motivated when running the best part of three marathons and a 5k in a little over 4 weeks, don’t get me wrong I was, I always aim to leave it all out there although with the races so close together there was a little conservatism employed. But while the motivation was high the mojo was low. I was lacking that float that I get from running trails, that sheer joy of chasing the horizon. I cheated Long Beach; I went in knowing I would finish if I ran smart, but I didn’t really race it. The Eco Marathon was a real ball buster made better with good company. Come PCTR the fun was coming back and by the time the Turkey Day Dash came around it was all about family shits and giggles.

The main driver of the loss of mojo was a niggling injury, I don’t know what caused and more frustrating I don’t know why it went away, it’s impact was to knock my training out by 2 nearly 3 months, needless to say it was insanely frustrating, I tried ice, heat, massage, electro-stim, yoga, crossing training and this thing that finally made it go away was good old fashioned rest. It’s not reared it’s head lately (hopefully not famous last words)! The lingering effect is a big hole in my base which only now I am able to start to shore up.

So enough of all that gloom and doom, I currently I have a real spring in my step and it’s only be added to due to these; Saucony Kinvaras, it’s early days they only have a week in them but so far so good and yes there is a review in the works.


So the one eye has me looking towards the 13.1 race in January, yeah it’s only 6 weeks away but the hopeful plan is to have transitioned through the Kinvara’s back into these, Newtons while adding miles to the bank. I got them back in February, ran in them a couple of times and then they lived in the closet ever since.


I am a lazy heel striker, that is when I am tired I resort to heel striking but when I am ‘fresh’ I am a pretty good mid foot striker. So it’s a double edged sword, one being a thin base and the other and the bigger challenge; never really a break in the racing schedule to fit the transition fully in, (at least one without injury), so hopefully this will give me the window to effect the change. One of the challenges has been the actual planning of the transition and beyond everyone saying to only run in them for a mile or so and ramp up from there there is nothing specific…until now. I picked up Danny Abshire’s, the founder of Newton’s, new book Natural Running which comes complete with an 8 week transition program, yeah the race is in 6 weeks so hopefully I can get up to speed pretty quickly…I’ll obviously be documenting the process as I go.

Let the fun begin!


  1. I sure know about the nagging injury stuff -- my 2010 has been one big nagging injury after another. I hope you are on your way to some solid training.

    I have to thank you for that video on the piriformis syndrome. For the very first time in 2010, I am running injury free!

  2. Great and cool running shoes...Good luck on your race on January!

    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - mountain hardwear

  3. I was just looking at some interesting video of heel versus midfoot strike over at Kinetic Revolution... Linkee is on my blog if you are interested. I think his assertation is more along the lines of where your foot lands, rather than how... so much to learn so little time!!!

  4. I'm interested to know how you feel about the Newtn's after giving them some more time.. I tried them out once, but didn't like them enough to actually buy a pair for myself. Felt too weird.

    I do, however, LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kinvaras for race shoes.

  5. and I'm interested to read your kinvara review. just about everyone loves them, but I tried them and - like Saucony's in the past - they just don't fit my feet. so sad...

  6. Are you a heel striker? After running behind you for countless hours....I was impressed that,(as tired as you were), I did not see you heel strike.

    I like my Kinvaras!

  7. Now I want a pair of those Kinvaras. I saw your link in Twitter then I noticed my buddy had a pair then it was the topic of conversation at Northface 50 with another friend while we waited for our runners to come through. I just recently discovered lightweight trail shoes (Adizero XT's) and want a similar lightweight shoe for the road. I could probably get the road version of the Adizero's but Saucony has always treated me right as well.

    I came to see if you already posted a review. Ah what the heck I'm gonna get them anyway. $69 at RunningWarehouse.


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