Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review; Clif Bars – Seasonal variety

P1010075As is the usual way I am behind the curve, in other words late but I really need to do this and so much as I dislike back-to-back reviews I need to put this out there before it’s too late…truth is it almost is but not quite!

Anyway let’s get on with the review. So we have all heard of Clif Bars right, chewy, yummy goodness, great for on the go, road, trail, good for pre run, post run, day time night time any time! OK enough of that.

So apparently this time each year Clif releases it’s seasonal flavors, I say apparently because I am living under a rock and had totally missed this until my special mailing list kicked in and they arrived on my doorstep…and whoosh they were gone!

In a nutshell this was what was sent to me:

Spiced Pumpkin Pie; A little late for Halloween in a pack, even so it’s not too sweet, not too tart, and luckily for me not too pumpkin either but very yummy and not scary either!

Cranberry Orange Nut Bread; Thanksgiving all over, a cross between an artesian bread and an energy bar, zesty, tart and chewy, my least favorite but the others are so good that’s not saying much

Iced Gingerbread; OMG, put simply this is the best energy bar I have ever had period! I love the taste of ginger and this delivers! So much so that I have just about bought up every bar that I have seen in my local area!

Ok now as I mentioned in my other Clif giveaway I have another giveaway for 6 bars, 2 of each…and giving away the ginger flavor was a close thing, this is a consolation giveaway for the folks who did not win the monster Clif box, and so after plugging in all the names thanks to the winner is Scatman, send me your mailing address and I will send them on their way…and do it fast so I don’t eat the ginger ones!


  1. Thanks so much! Don't eat those ginger ones. I want to try them.


  2. Not sure about all the different flavors.... I am kinda boring myself :)

  3. I definitely use cliff bars. good stuff!

  4. Oh yum I love holiday flavored things! I need to go get the gingerbread one...unless you managed to buy all of the ones in Northern Cali too ;)


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