Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second Half…

Prompted by Stephanie when she asked me on Daily Mile what was I training for, I figured it was time to update my race schedule. But first let’s recap what I had on the agenda:
imageHmm not such solid first half of the year, this may turn out to be my quietest race year yet, even after wrecking my leg in 2009! I did manage the 13.1 in January though! Plans to run some races with the kids didn’t really come to much fruition as I wasn’t racing neither were they although we did all run a 1 miler in March and we may squeeze in a 4th July something! That being said I am actually training for something…shut the front door! And I do have some semblance of a plan for the second half of the year and early part of next…yes I am talking about 2012 already; 178 shopping days till Christmas!

So it’s looks kinda like this:

8/28 Half Marathon of the Harbors – this is what I am training for and I am aiming for a sub 1:30. Then I head back to the dirt…

10/22 Coastal Trail Runs Malibu Creek 25k – there are several races that run this loop each year; along, up, along, down, easy!

11/12 Catalina Island Eco Marathon – this race claimed two toe nails and whole chunk of pride last year, time for some revenge!

11/20 PCTR Santa Monica Mountains 50k – I have run either the 30k or 50k 4 out of the last 5 years, it was my very first Ultra

1/16 Calico Ghost Town 50k – I raced this in 2008, four years later seems about right, just like the Olympics right!

2/25 Ray Miller 50m – this follows a similar course to the PCTR race, this is up in the air for now…we’ll see, but I do need a sub 11:00 finish!

As we all know it’s very easy to write a list of races for the future, it’s another thing to get the training done and then turn up to the start line uninjured and healthy!

I intend to take these one at a time and hopefully enjoy some success.


  1. Keep me motivated Stuart! I'm hoping to get back into HM shape this year....

  2. Looks like you have some exciting races planned! This coming from a person who's doing their fist marathon in October...and has only won 1 5k, so maybe I don't know :)

    Good luck on getting to them (or most of them at least!) uninjured and peppy :)

  3. Ha! Thanks for sharing! Btw, I think I'll do Ray Miller, too. Looks like a great scenic course.

  4. That's why I only list my "maybes" on a private excel spreadsheet! : )) that nobody sees. LOL.

    Maybe I'll see you at Bulldog, when you pass me (after an hour head start I'll get for the 50k).

    Go Stuart!


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