Saturday, August 6, 2011

Course Recce…

Headed out to recce the race course for my A race at the end of the month. Had a 10 miler on tap, so decided to combine race and course simulation. Weather was perfect, cloudy cool, slight breeze. Everything just fell into place:


Started to feel it around mile 9, after a too quick mile 8 I think and had a stitch during mile 10 but that was going by the time I hit 10 miles. This is my fastest 10 miler evah! And is a good 4 minutes faster than my previous fastest 10 miles, this is also 1 second per mile faster than I need to get my target 1:29:59.

Very, very happy with this run and if the course and conditions are the same as today on race day..well the planets could just align!

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  1. Congrats o the PR....... hope the race leaves you pleased!!!


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