Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July’s digits…

Another solid month, actually if truth be told I am really pleased with this month:

  • 487 total miles (+123 over June)
  • 49:26 time, so about 12 hours a week (just under +2:00 per week over June)
  • 197 miles (June 177 miles) running in 27:59 (June 25:37)
  • 287 miles (June 177miles) cycling in 17:23 (June 10:54)
  • Remaining time was stretching, foam rolling etc and I am also trying to get to the P90X Ab Ripper workout 3 times a week, I managed 8 times this month, but I am seeing some results
  • Longest ride 58 miles – 3:21
  • Longest run 19.59 – 3:28 (trail)
  • Starting weight 173lb ending 168lb (from 187 at end of April)
  • Three rest days

I raced two races this month, a July 4th 5k which was a family run so that doesn’t really count and last weekend’s 5k where I set a new PR of 19:11, this will allow me to recalibrate my training paces for the FIRST plan that I am following, I also race simulated the Half Marathon distance, it didn’t go quite as planned but I took note of the issues that arose and most of these can be easily addressed.

I have four weeks left to race day so I now need to really dial things in, I am on vacation overseas for 10 days in the middle of August which may prove problematic but hopefully I can stay on the straight and narrow and avoid the vacation dieting disaster’s that we all seem to encounter! I am now actually at my target race weight, I floats about a bit, mostly down after exercise, it’s been as low as 162lb, I am looking to strip a few more off to around the 165lb mark…anyway enough about my weight I am actually boring myself!

The end is in sight!


  1. Strong month! Congrats on putting in all those miles.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I've just always separated trainer time from outdoor miles. I don't see them as really equal and also keeping track of the miles on the trainer (even my computrainer) has always seemed like a pain.

    And thanks for the warning about that 5k. Ugh!

  2. Wow! I would be VERY please with these numbers too.

  3. Wow! This is very impressive! I am always an athlete but newly a runner and am working on training for my second half... Help!



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