Sunday, October 2, 2011

15s and 20s

I ran my second 20 miler this morning, I have one left to do in two weeks time and I did my first one two weeks ago. The first I ran just to cover the distance and make sure I could, it was the longest I had run all year and it was a good mental check mark to give me a confidence booster than my legs had the miles in them…they did and my average pace was 9:03.


Last weekend I had a 15 miler, a reduction in distance but an increase in speed. It actually went really well, really really well, I was ahead of my pace from the get go and stayed there for the entire run, finishing with a pace of 7:07


Today I had to combine them both, a quick pace and the 20 mile distance. My plan actually called for Marathon pace +30 which gave me a target of 7:39, as with all of these runs I tend to freak myself out with them, sometimes for no reason and others well for no reason too! Although this has been a big build week, nearly 11 hours and lot of cycling as well as my usual three training runs; intervals, short tempo and today’s long tempo. So that being said I hit the ground early to avoid the heat and to be back in time for things at home, my pace wasn’t fast and I was conscious about consistent pacing and running within myself. The first 15 miles went well and it’s not like the wheels cam off it was just that I felt the last five miles.


Yeah you can really see the last five miles..worrying a little given that there is another six after that and even more so when I “need” to average 7:23…oh well in two weeks I get to do it all again!

Tonight I’ll sleep well and tomorrow is a rest day…first one since September 4th!

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  1. Q... I am confused as to what your target marathon pace is. You say that the plan called for PMP plus 30 which gave you a target of 7:39, yet later you say you "need" to average 7:23..... Just trying to figure out your target time :D

    Canondale Slice gets many good write ups BTW .... did you not fancy clip ons on your Cervelo?


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